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Since its beginning, founding developer, Terry Marten was committed to maintaining a look and feel for Kayenta that was unique to the natural desert environment.  He and a small, dedicated group worked to develop the basic tenants of our community known as the Kayenta Concept.  To advance the Kayenta Concept, they identified the critical need for qualified architectural design and landscape services to establish and grow the vision. 

Beginning in the early 1980’s a variety of design ideas and concepts were considered, tested and reworked.  These early studies served as prototypes for the homes we design and build today.  By 1990, Kayenta had garnered the attention of several adventurous clients and more help was needed to further the designs and drawings for their new homes. 

Schooled in art and architecture and with several years of professional experience in commercial and residential design, Terry’s son Matt joined forces with his father to develop the signature Kayenta style.  Soon after, Gulch Design Group was formed.  The goal was to provide highly qualified design services for the Kayenta clients. 

Since its beginning, our group has designed well over 400 projects.  Our projects have varied in scope and size ranging from 1,200 square feet to well over 6,000 square feet. Gulch Design Group has made the commitment to serve the Kayenta Community exclusively, offering expertise and decades of knowledge. 

Headed by owner and principal designer, Matt Marten, our group is made up of employees and partnering professionals. Our group is comprised of architectural designers, project administrators, structural engineers, civil engineers, interior designers, builders, landscape designers and CAD specialists. 

Today, GDG offers extensive design services exclusively to Kayenta owners.  Our goal is to provide the most thorough design and management service that supports our clients’ needs and upholds the vision of our community. 

Our network of partners offers clients a seamless system of support and collaboration.  Beginning with Kayenta Homes & Properties, we work directly with our real estate experts to assure buyers find the property that best fits their needs and budget.  We offer insight to the property and any special design considerations.  Our Preferred Builders offer expert knowledge and insight to building in Kayenta.  We work with each building on a continual basis to assure quality and a higher standard of construction.  The relationship with our suppliers and trades has been nurtured over the years to create a special understanding of our distinctive customer and what is expected in a Kayenta home.  For decades, Gulch Design Group has worked closely with our Homeowners’ Associations, Architectural Control Committee and Landscape Committee to best understand the Kayenta design standards that drive the aesthetics and functions of community. 

Gulch Design Group offers services
exclusively to the Kayenta Community.

Years ago, we made the commitment to focus solely on our community in order to offer the best design service and construction solutions to Kayenta owners.

In a nutshell, we offer creative solutions to our client’s specific needs while being responsive to the design concepts of the Kayenta community.

Kayenta is a unique place with an unparalleled vision. Building within its natural desert setting takes insight and knowledge to appreciate the sensitive nature of the site and the unique design challenges it presents.With over thirty years of experience in Kayenta, we have developed an intuitive understanding of the landscape and special needs of our clients.

Working with our clients we develop original designs that respond to their aspirations and objectives to create inspiring living environments and functional spaces for everyday life.

Most of the building sites in Kayenta demand a custom design and tailored solutions to achieve the best result.Site-specific architectural concepts are used to create homes that work within the context of the natural environment and surrounding homes. The Kayenta Concept is the guiding philosophy that is the basis for all design work we do.

The aesthetic that Gulch Design Group is best known for is a clean, modern, or contemporary architecture that is perfectly suited for our desert environment. We prefer to promote an architectural design that incorporates a neutral material palette that stays clear of passing trends. We focus on quality and details that are timeless and will be in style for many years. Solid design, impeccable materials, and good bones can be personalized with colorful artwork, decorative items, and furniture to create a unique style and personality.

Choosing GDG for the work we do best is critical to a satisfying designer-to-client relationship. We have developed processes for working through every phase of a project. Staying on track with our program will assure a good outcome and the most efficient use of time and money.